The IFT Foundation

A Volunteering Tradition 

Many members of The IFT undertake voluntary work for charity – whether it is an extreme challenge or hands-on assistance with a challenged organisation that cannot afford to help itself. It was hugely significant to learn from our latest member survey that 83% of The IFT membership has pledged time on a quarterly basis to The IFT’s ‘turnaround skills bank’. 


The MCR Foundation students 


Transform not-for-profit organisations that drive sustainable social & economic improvement; new opportunities and profile for members


Turnaround & transformation skills bank, matching people with defined projects undertaken through The IFT's strategic partners 


All volunteering members; The IFT's strategic partners


All of The IFT's Regions

Foundation leadership group

A leadership group has guided The IFT Foundation’s development. It includes Sir Stuart Rose, Jon Moulton (Better Capital), Charles Wilson (Booker plc), Nick Ross, Andy Cumming (LBG), Garry Wilson, (Endless), Jamie White, (Pinsent Masons), joining Iain MacRitchie and Christine Elliott.

The Aim

The aim is: to transform, through The IFT's pro bono skills, not-for-profit organisations that drive sustainable social and economic improvement.

Founder volunteers

A number of The IFT's members originally volunteered their time to pilot projects. They are: Iain MacRitchie, Peter Collini, Tony Henfrey, Neil Baxter, Ron Series, Matthew Simkins, Nick Winks, Ian Gray, Les Otty, Peter Alderslade, Colin Wray, Christine Elliott – and many others have since shown a strong interest in getting involved. Ken Baird (Freshfields) and Jamie White plan to open up The IFT Foundation opportunities to their colleagues, through The IFT corporate partnership scheme and extend participation to their respective team members to support with pro-bono work.

The IFT's strategic partners

A product of the leadership group and the founder volunteer work is that we decided to focus entirely on the not-for-profit sector and to prequalify the projects available by working through no more than three strategic partners. The strategic partners provide pre-existing and ongoing opportunities, stakeholder relationships and infrastructure. 

We have built, over a period of time, relationships with Impetus Trust, which received an IFT Top Turnaround Award in 2011; Bridges Ventures; Pilotlight; Big Society Capital. Each of these partners offers projects across all of The IFT regions.

Benefits to members

• Philanthropic profile on website and in The IFT handbook
• Mentoring and networking opportunities
• New career avenues
• CPD hours in proportion to learning outcomes
• Non-commercial topic to build bridges

Foundation Services

We will offer a defined package of services with a clear end point and outcome and a focused framework for involvement.

The broad categories for the Services will be: Review & Assess; Prioritise & Plan; Reflect & Guide.

We are working with partners on strategically aligned projects that have been centrally filtered. Once the service or services have been delivered, The IFT’s task will have been discharged and there is an opportunity for the member to withdraw, unless he or she chooses to continue in a personal capacity.

Project selection and prioritisation will fall where the need is acute and urgent and where the social benefit to be derived by providing support and expertise will be clear, measurable, significant and sustainable. A core principle of the Foundation is the requirement that each project or initiative supported can become self-funding over time. The IFT’s role is not to subsidise organisations that can afford to pay for help.