Accredited Professionals

From the smallest of limited companies to the largest multi-nationals they use their talent and experience to bring stakeholders together, to rebuild confidence, restore optimism and to devise and carry out an agreed plan of action for recovery.

You can expect a member of The IFT to know how to return an under-performing operation to viability and guide an organisation from crisis to stability.

Many members also use their experience and implementation skills to drive fast growth in a business; the trigger for bringing in a Turnaround and Transformation professional is not always financial and operational stress or distress.

Many of The IFT's members also undertake voluntary work, including applying their skills pro bono to the third sector, supporting learning, and sharing their significant expertise with others.

Members of The IFT have the fullest accreditation and the finest track records in the sector. When selecting a member to support your organisation you can be confident that they know what they are doing, that they have successfully done it before and that they will give you the best possible backing to move your business forward in the right direction.