Mission Statement


The IFT's strategic purpose is to be the professional body of choice for organisations at risk of under-performing that urgently need the support of independent-minded, proven experts to achieve their goals and potential.

This page sets out some of the highlights of the road travelled so far; how we see the journey ahead; and foundation for consulting our members on how best to build further keep The IFT vital and relevant. 

We have an exceptional and extraordinary amount of skill and experience in The IFT and we will work to ensure it is much more widely understood and more fully appreciated. We must use that reservoir of talent in a positive way, with constructive engagement and another huge surge forward for The IFT!

Our Aspirations

We aspire to become:


  • The UK's leading source of knowledge, education and best practice in turnaround and transformation.


  • An organisation whose members create and save measurable value and jobs.​


  • An outward-looking membership organisation that engages, connects, networks, and benefits our members, partners and participants, in the UK and internationally.
Our Characteristics
  • The IFT's members have the skills and experience to cut through complexity and create value in organisations that are at risk of underperforming, whether SMEs, quoted companies, public, private, or not-for-profit and charities. Members have a rigorously accredited skill set that is diverse and transferrable globally. It is relevant at various points in the business life-cycle, from financial distress and stress to flat-lining or rapid growth.
  • The core requirement for accreditation to The IFT remains turnaround skills and experience, namely the ability to cope under pressure. The IFT has a facilitation role in helping members develop broader skills, including transformation.
  • Key stakeholders in The IFT, in addition to members and partners, are: business leaders, representative organisations for owners and employees, capital providers, government and regulators.
  • The IFT is an independent, self-governing, forward-looking professional body with rigorous standards; that is open to collaboration with relevant professional and trade groups; and informs and influences external stakeholders. 


Our Values


The IFT espouses and practices the values in its Code of Ethics: integrity, objectivity, open-mindedness, efficacy, compassion, fairness. By saving sustainable jobs, creating value for all stakeholders, and promoting higher standards vigorously, The IFT benefits wider society. ​

Benefits for Members and Partners


Benefits for members are credentials that facilitate engagements; recognition and respect for being the acknowledged professionals in their field; access to markets and frequent business networking opportunities; credibility with capital providers and advisers.


Benefits for partners are a trusted brand displaying the highest standards; recognition of their expertise, access to capable people, an impartial influencer, a policy think tank and educator.