Continuing Professional Development

“Learning is not a product of schooling but the lifelong attempt to acquire it” Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955) Physicist & Nobel Laureate

The IFT is wholly committed to the concept that its Members should represent the best in the sector. With that in mind, the organisation is dedicated to providing the widest possible range of information and training which might benefit them in their activities, enable them to perform most successfully for their clients and reflect positively upon The IFT as a whole.


Maintain & improve standards; practitioner-led learnign; self-development


Presentations, intercative workshops, conferences & seminars.  
Member: 25 hours p.a.  
PC Holder: 20 of 25 hours must be structured CPD 


Providers: The IFT; The IFT corporate partners, relevant professional bodies.
Governance: Professional Development Committee
Regions programmes: CPD Working Party


All of The IFT Regions

What is CPD?

The common definition of continuing professional development is: “the systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of knowledge,  understanding and skills and the development of personal qualities necessary for the execution of professional duties throughout a Member’s working life.” From this definition it is clear that CPD is a process that enables The IFT members to keep up-to-date on a continuous basis and to develop new knowledge and skills relevant to The IFT Core Competencies. 

In today's fast paced and exacting business environment, a continuous learning and development process is critical and indispensable to sustain and increase knowledge and skills in order to be successful. In a knowledge-intensive world the ability to learn faster than the competition is an important source of competitive advantage. CPD is not a box-ticking exercise focusing merely on a set numbers of hours’ activity, but a process aimed at ensuring members undertake active quality development each year.

CPD Focus

It should be targeted towards each member’s professional duties, broad enough so that there is room for improvement, relevant to how one performs, and structured so that maximum benefit can be obtained. CPD should be looked on as an ‘investment in oneself’, enabling the development of new skills, enhancing professional abilities, assimilating new thinking and achieving greater productivity.

The IFT's CPD programme

The IFT is continuing to invest in and develop wide-ranging and accessible CPD activities and programmes specifically aimed at supporting and meeting members’ learning needs. These developments expand on the existing CPD opportunities offered to turnaround professionals, namely: 

  • The IFT national and regional conferences and lectures;
  • The IFT Professional Development Workshops designed to explore legal, technical, sector or practical issues related to turnaround in a participative environment;
  • The IFT Information Notes provide a significant and relevant source of information. The broad range of these notes will offer most members valuable learning opportunities whilst contributing towards the self directed CPD requirement.

Make bookings through the Events tab on this website. 

The IFT Information Notes may be downloaded from the ‘My Resources’ section of the website.

What activities qualify as CPD

All learning activities that expand a Member’s knowledge, and are pertinent to The IFT Core Competencies.

  • Structured Learning – courses, seminars, workshops, training
  • Self-directed learning – private study, reading industry briefings, sector articles, The IFT notes
Logging CPD

Annual CPD logging is easy to do through The IFT website. Once logged in to the IFT website, it should take about 3 minutes to record your CPD, using the drop-down options. CPD should be logged once per year, by 31st January, prior to membership renewal, although we would recommend logging your CPD activities throughout the year.