Membership & Accreditation

Why should I join The IFT?

The IFT gives suitably qualified and experienced professionals a recognised and unique accreditation. For individuals seeking a career in restructuring we offer a defined route into becoming an accredited Turnaround & Transformation professional through the demonstrable acquisition of core competencies and an appreciation of Turnaround culture. Membership means: 

  • An opportunity to gain the world’s first Practising Certificate in Turnaround – recognised by the banks and institutional stakeholders

  • Immediate recognition from banks and institutional stakeholders who use members of The IFT because they are quality candidates; who save time and resources; and whose longer term benefit provide excellent return on the investment

  • An interactive CPD Programme designed and delivered by highly skilled and experienced turnaround professionals 

  • Access to potential turnaround appointments available to our Members that come via the banks, other Members and our Corporate Partners

  • Access/introductions to turnaround finance providers, leading corporate, legal, and restructuring advisors, and all other professionally based institutions engaged in turnaround.

  • Networking opportunities for like-minded turnaround professionals throughout the year that successfully bring together the top operators who work in all segments of the turnaround community 

  • In short membership of a sharing, learning and inspiring community of high quality professionals and ones whose influence extends far beyond its numbers.

Download a list of all the benefits of Membership here and Compare Membership Grades here

Why is The IFT different?

Accreditation with the IFT is a professional status that you can’t buy and our annually renewable Practising Certificate is an additional quality assurance. Professionals and management are regularly appraised and the Certificate, with its enhanced CPD requirement and independent audit, is a means for Turnaround Professionals to assess and continually develop personal performance. 

Joining The IFT

Candidates can belong to The IFT at any stage in their career as The IFT Academy provides a defined route into restructuring or a way of sharpening existing management skills. The Academy organises intensely practical turnaround studies that include mini-field trips and research for participants to undertake themselves, as well as mentoring and pro bono projects. To progress and become a member you will need at least three successfully completed case studies. Accreditations take place in all of The IFT's Regional Centres. We have a simple, well-supported process, so whether you are new to turnaround or would like to consider membership just send your contact details to: or telephone us on 0203 668 0420 and we’ll be glad to help.

For more information on how to join please go to the Become a Member Page

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Set the Quality Standard, Professional Credentials, Reputation, Credibility


40 core competencies, 3 case studies, independent verification, interview; Code of Ethics; CPD; Practising Certificate


Trained accreditors


Local centres in each of The IFT's region

Why does The IFT recruit?

The straightforward answer is: when an existing, excellent practitioner is in the market, already getting business, then we want them to carry the best brand: The IFT – not ‘no brand’ or a lesser one. Their belonging increases The IFT’s credibility, footprint and strength of our collective voice. National Strength + Local Depth = Dynamism. “IFT accreditation is an important aspect of my client faced marketing. It allows me to build a picture of the professional nature of what I do and to differentiate myself in this increasingly competitive market.” Bob Wiggins - The IFT Member.