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Martin Jesper Rootcorz Limited

Role: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Restructuring Officer


As an established C-Suite Leader, turnaround professional and boardroom executive, I work in various permanent, interim, advisory and NED roles in high-profile businesses and sporting organisations – with a focus on building high performance frameworks to embed performance and commercial excellence – combining a short term, results driven mindset with longer term strategic direction and sustainability.

Recent corporate assignments include:

• Chief Executive Officer – Ł25m, social care provider, 600+ staff;
• Executive Management – Scottish Premier League football club;
• Chief Executive Officer – Professional football club;
• Chief Restructuring Officer – Ł40m t/o, Ł10.5m debt, 245 employees, PE investors, home entertainment retail distributor;
• Executive Director – regional hotel group (4 sites) (Ł11m debt, Ł3m t/o);
• Managing Director – plastic manufacturing business (Ł6m t/o; 30 staff) post fraud (~Ł2m+) with PE investors;
• Chief Restructuring Officer – charitable mental health care home group(Ł6m t/o; 3 homes, Ł2.2m structured debt, 4 secured lenders);
• Managing Director – oil & gas engineering (Ł6m t/o, Ł1m debt facility, 65 employees);
• Interim CFO – support to CEO of food sector PLC (Ł145m t/o, Ł50m debt);
• Chief Restructuring Officer – large regional law firm (160 staff);
• Chief Restructuring Officer – established bed manufacturer (Ł20m t/o,Ł3m debt);
• Chief Restructuring Officer – high street fashion retailer (Ł2m t/o, Ł0.5m debt);
• Confidential advisor to the directors of 5 professional football clubs (Championship – National League);

Recent executive support to professional sports clubs include:

o Delivered the recovery and sustainability of a high profile sports organisation achieving performance improvements, promotion and eradication of all debt within 3 year period;
o Established 3-year strategic plan for infrastructure, facilities and commercial funding lines to deliver 10% annual growth in public facing, high performance environment;
o Successfully recruiting senior executives into dysfunctional management teams;
o Building accountability, responsibility and trust through empowering key individuals and establishing a personal development and continual business improvement mindset;
o Introduced innovative sales & marketing initiatives to reward customer loyalty, B2B engagement – tailored to short term and long term funding needs;
o Match day operational responsibilities and representing the club with key stakeholders (National Governing Bodies and Leagues);
o Negotiated commercial contracts – covering suppliers, sponsors, infrastructure development, property transactions, regulatory compliance (inc. employee exits);
o Introduced robust internal processes to comply with safeguarding, welfare, health & safety, licensing and other regulatory requirements (financial and operational);
o Successful design and implementation of fund raising initiatives – equity & commercial opportunities ranging from Ł100k through to Ł3m;
o Primary organisation representative with regulatory bodies (CQC, Local Authorities, UEFA, FA, FCA etc.)
o Introducing effective governance frameworks to maintain appropriate control, protection and transparency of long term objectives;

Organisation Type
  • Family/Private
  • Institution Backed
  • Not For Profit
  • Private Equity Backed
  • Public Sector
Average Company Size (£Million)
  • > 5
  • > 25
  • 36
  • 18 - 36
  • Consumer Goods & Retail
  • Other
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Leisure