Credebt - The IFT



Credebt was established in 2009 by Glen Morgan FCICM (Grad), following a successful Senior Corporate Credit Management career spanning 17 years working mainly for large blue-chip businesses that had significant issues.

During this time, he brought hundreds of millions of pounds into the businesses he worked for. He did this by improving processes, motivating teams, writing policies and negotiating with customers to ensure that all bottlenecks in cash flow were released and delays to payments were minimised.

As an MCICM Graduate and now also Fellow of the Institute, Glen brings a wealth and depth of knowledge second to none in all aspects of receivables collection, management and credit control.

Glen is widely considered an industry expert and has even written the Credit Control syllabus for the Chartered Institute of Credit Management, which all current CICM students in the UK are studying.

Glen has built a team of experienced and like-minded service-driven Credit experts who deliver exceptional results in challenging circumstances.


Working Capital

With a quick instruction, we review and analyse your client’s order to cash process. We use our expertise and experience to make recommendations to reduce bottlenecks and improve internally generated working capital at the critical time it is needed most.



We know from experience that no two businesses are the same. We can advise on and help implement new credit policies and collections procedures and drive the changes needed to maximise working capital and improve the chances of a successful turnaround.

We also take over Credit Management and collections where required if an underperforming team or lack of resource is the key driver for poor cashflow.



Should a business unfortunately require formal restructuring through an insolvency process, via our early instruction and access to key sites, systems and people, we use the information gained and contingency planning to maximise capital recoveries for key stakeholders.