The IFT, the leading membership group for individuals and businesses specialising in working to rapidly transform organisations and support those in distress,...

Continuing Professional Development

In today's fast paced and exacting business environment,  an ongoing learning and development process is in truth indispensable to ensure individuals sustain and increase  knowledge and skills in order to be successful, the ability to learn faster. Read more...









Who we are

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We are pleased to announce that on the 6th November at 18:00, the IFT Midlands will be hosting a webinar on “Practical Tips for getting rapid insights from...
  We are pleased to announce that on the 19th November at 18:00, the IFT Midlands will be hosting a webinar on the Further Education Sector.  Our speakers...

Code of ethics

The IFT is governed by a strong code of ethics, available here.





The IFT Awards

The Psychology of Pricing Would you like to increase your prices by 2%? By 5%? By 100%?   This engaging and fascinating session, delivered with enthusiasm and energy, explores what makes us all tick, and
“ Iconic Events in the Restructuring World over the last 12-months”: Carillion a Year On:   Ross Connock PwC They said the Group was too big to fail Were the signs there ? Impact of media coverage before the

IFT Events

The IFT runs events around the country - from workshops, CPD sessions to Members meetings. 


25 April - 18:00pm
30 April - 18:00pm
14 May - 17:30pm
15 May - 08:00am

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IFT Academy

IFT plans to encourage and support people who are committed to Turnaround and Transformation as a career choice. By so doing, we aim to professionalise and increase the pool of talent available to deploy in situations where urgent, profound and radical change is required. 


Our Members

The IFT is the only turnaround and transformation organisation to insist on rigorous accreditation for practitioners. We have an array of professional development and high quality services, which underpin our competitive advantage. 


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The IFT writes news and opinion on any of the current news stories that have an impact on our members.