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23rd November 2017 The spectacular setting of The Landmark London was host to the stand-out event in The IFT calendar, the prestigious...
'Changing Landscapes'Giving You the Edge in a Dynamic World   "Of four conferences I've been to this year, The IFT's is the first whose focus was on providing...

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Continuing Professional Development

In today's fast paced and exacting business environment,  an ongoing learning and development process is in truth indispensable to ensure individuals sustain and increase  knowledge and skills in order to be successful, the ability to learn faster. Read more...









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KM Media Group Ltd. Like many local newspaper groups, KM suffered massive change to its traditional market through digitalisation, whilst also adjusting to the...
Electranet UK Ltd. Electranet, the network and communications infrastructure business, has been transformed from a loss making, heavily indebted company with a...

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The IFT Awards - 24th November 2016

IFT North Region Meeting - Manchester - Now Available for Booking How does a Turnaround expert become a great Non Exec Director? Overview: On the face of it there is an obvious overlap between being a
IFT West & Wales Region Meeting - Bristol - Available for Booking Delivering sales led turnarounds and strategies Overview: We are delighted to welcome Moira Edwards and David Jeffs to our next South West

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The IFT runs events around the country - from workshops, CPD sessions to Members meetings. 


28 February - 17:30pm
01 March - 17:30pm
20 March - 18:00pm
12 June - 09:00am

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IFT Academy

IFT plans to encourage and support people who are committed to Turnaround and Transformation as a career choice. By so doing, we aim to professionalise and increase the pool of talent available to deploy in situations where urgent, profound and radical change is required. 


Our Members

The IFT is the only turnaround and transformation organisation to insist on rigorous accreditation for practitioners. We have an array of professional development and high quality services, which underpin our competitive advantage. 




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  Headline Speakers Announced   We are proud to announce that Andrew Sentance and Neil Sherlock will headline this year's IFT National Conference.
A Resounding Success for Turnaround The spectacular setting of The Landmark London was host to the stand-out event in The IFT calendar, the

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