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About Us

The Institute for Turnaround supports and enhances the work of industry-leading professionals in helping challenged firms to achieve success through critical business change.

Our members provide UK businesses with the best possible chance of survival and success, by creating, connecting and enhancing a community of experts, unmatched in professional quality and commitment.

Our members are accredited to the highest standards and demonstrate significant experience within the turnaround profession. The rigorous process to become an accredited member makes the IFT unique, we are the only membership body to accredit turnaround professionals.

The IFT brings together independent professionals, bankers, investors and advisers to evolve the profession and respond to new challenges and trends. We are an incubator for turnaround talent, connecting, nurturing and developing a community of experts at all stages of their career. We are particularly keen to encourage a more diverse community of people into this rewarding profession.

We are dedicated to promoting knowledge and expertise through our regional and national events, webinars, resources, reports and articles. We recently published a report titled ‘Unlocking Value, Saving Jobs: The Contribution of Turnaround to Business and People’ which shines a light on the huge contribution IFT members make and the value they create for society and the economy. Our report estimates that in 2019, IFT members and corporate partners saved more than 200,000 jobs and protected £2 billion in enterprise value.

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In addition to providing continuous professional development for our experienced members, we seek to provide a framework for the development and engagement of new leaders in the sector through our next generation events and our academy programme.

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The IFT provides valuable networking opportunities for professionals involved in all aspects of turnaround, allowing them to share skills and experiences formally and informally. We run three Special Interest Groups – addressing the health and education sectors, and large and complex special situations. These groups allow members to share their knowledge of individual markets and the dynamics affecting them, provide a forum to discuss key topics and influence developments.


Who We Are

The IFT is made up of a CEO and an executive team focusing on four main areas: Corporate Partnership, Membership, Academy & Next Generation and Communications & Public Affairs. Our board members support the organisation alongside regional chairs and leaders of special interest groups.

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What is Turnaround

The IFT defines turnaround as the sustainable return to viability of an underperforming organisation. IFT members have situational skills which can be applied to the rehabilitation, rescue and recovery of an organisation facing decline.

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