KPMG Restructuring

When a company’s value is threatened, KPMG’s Restructuring practice identifies innovative domestic and cross-border solutions in both stressed and distressed situations.
KPMG takes a hands-on approach to stabilising under-performing businesses by identifying opportunities for strategic, operational and financial change. The aim is to help businesses recover, optimise performance and generate outstanding value for stakeholders.


KPMG Liquidity teams offer various restructuring services from crisis cash management to turnaround and transformation.
KPMG Transformation teams provide board-level and executive support to fundamentally improve the underlying performance of businesses. KPMG advises and leads complex business and operating model change programmes, tailoring the approach depending on degree of underperformance or stress.
KPMG Turnaround team members are experienced at running distressed businesses as interim executives or can work alongside management to stabilise the business for planning and executing a recovery.

Financial Restructuring

KPMG Financial Restructuring teams work with lending syndicates and alternative investors, assessing the best options available and helping negotiate deals. When advising corporates, KPMG seeks to provide practical advice and situational support to the board and management team.
Working closely with KPMG Debt and Equity Advisory teams, we provide the best solution to clients and stakeholders.


KPMG Insolvency teams utilise tactical insolvency measures including pre-pack administrations, provisional liquidations, court-appointed receivers, CVA’s, Chapter 11’s, and other tools such as Schemes to implement restructurings. Our global network enables KPMG to take on complex, international cases and member firms have contributed extensively to the law and practice of insolvency in many countries.