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Playfair Partnerships exists to make a difference in the SME world. Our business strategy advice and financial management help enterprises survive and prosper, so our clients can have better businesses and better lives.

Our Vision
We are passionate about helping guide, protect and develop your business, empowering you to make better decisions and attain long-term sustainable success. We achieve this by providing first-class financial management and critical business analysis to determine the most effective strategies.

Our History
Playfair Partnerships was formed in 1992 to offer clients senior-level cost-effective advice, initially focusing on business turnaround and financial management. As we worked closely with our clients, they have come to value not just our financial expertise, but our wider strategic business counsel. To fulfil this need, we developed a range of related services and business contacts that support owner-managers at every stage of the business lifecycle.

Many clients, banks, professional advisors and other partners have since chosen us as their long-standing trusted advisor, enhancing our reputation and growing our track record for high-quality services and advice.

Our Approach
With over 25 years of industry experience, we have faced just about every challenge our clients are likely to encounter. Along the way, we have developed sharp business instincts and analytical skills enabling us to seize opportunities, as well as spot and resolve issues before they become problems.

Our proactive and integrated approach turns traditional outsourcing on its head. We offer access to a multi-tiered, scalable resource with specialist expertise combined with anytime availability and the reassurance of an in-house presence. We do not sit outside of your organisation but work seamlessly within your extended team, on-site and online.

We cover all aspects of the finance system – from basic level bookkeeping to financial control and board-level representation – so you can access the right skillset and amount of resource without the costs and complications of employing full-time staff. Oh……and we aren’t just about the high-level stuff – we do the boring bits too!