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Playfair Partnerships are a small boutique firm, operating across Home Counties, South-east and South-west England to provide business turnaround services to owner-managed organisations. We operate exclusively in the SME world – very different to large corporates – and in addition to addressing business concerns, we provide a full financial management service – including essential forecasting and cash management tasks – both during and after a turnaround.

Our Vision
We are passionate about working with owner-managers to help guide, protect and develop their businesses. Our goal is to provide a high-quality service, fusing together the best of business advice and financial management in one seamless offering.

Our History
Playfair Partnerships was formed in 1992 to offer owner-managers high-level cost-effective business and financial advice. Initially focusing exclusively on business turnarounds, our service offering developed as clients came out of their turnaround stage and sought business growth, strategic and financial management support.

As we worked closely with our clients, we have developed our team, contacts and service offering to provide a comprehensive support package to them, and in turn, they have come to value not just our financial expertise, but our wider strategic business counsel.

Many clients, banks, professional advisors and other partners have since chosen us as their long-standing trusted advisor, enhancing our reputation and growing our track record for high-quality services and advice.

Our Approach
With over 25 years of industry experience, we have faced just about every challenge our clients are likely to encounter. Along the way, we have developed sharp business instincts and analytical skills enabling us to seize opportunities, as well as spot and resolve issues.

We are there to ascertain what has gone wrong and why, and then to work with the business owner to determine solutions and help implement them. Along the way, we will provide financial control and manage the cash – the latter an essential ingredient, as without cash, the business won’t survive.

We can then sign off, or quite often, continue to provide support to the owner after a successful turnaround, as it enters its next stage(s).

Playfair Partnerships IFT Associate Members

Simon Playfair, Managing Partner, Playfair Partnerships

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Richard Cranstone, Partner, Playfair Partnerships

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