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Handy HR: How to Manage Restructures, TUPE & Redundancy Without Breaking the Law!

Have you managed a restructure, TUPE or redundancy process before? On top of being tricky and stressful, they’re an employment law minefield. With so much to think about and little room for error, the last thing you want is to drop a legal clanger and find yourself red-faced at an employment tribunal.

In this seminar, The People Factor’s CEO, Karen Davies, will be talking about easy and practical HR tips to help you avoid the common (and expensive!) pitfalls that cause many a company to become a cropper when they breach employment law – and how to get it right. Find out how to approach a restructure properly, the important aspects to consider, and the correct steps and timelines you need to follow when handling staff changes, TUPE and redundancy.

Join us on the 13th June at 16:00 for what promises to be an eye-opening and informative session, followed by a Q&A with Karen and Steve Tancock (independent IFT member and Business Support Practitioner).

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