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Webinar: Your First Non-Executive Director Appointment – How Best To Prepare

With Joëlle Warren of Warren Partners on 5th September 08:30 – 09:30

If you are considering or actively looking for your first Non-Executive Director role, it can seem a little overwhelming and sometimes confusing!

Joëlle Warren, Founder and Director of Warren Partners, will be joining us to share her top tips and insight on how to secure your first Non-Executive Director appointment with a focus on senior female candidates. Topics will include:

  • The attributes of an effective NED.
  • How to best position yourself now for taking a NED role in the future.
  • What to consider and expect as you set out to find your first appointment.
  • How to write a NED CV and how it differs from an executive CV.
  • Preparing for a NED interview.


Joëlle leads chair and non-executive director searches across various sectors and her passion for improving boardroom effectiveness through the right balance of skills, diversity and experience has led Warren Partners to become what it is today – a leading search firm renowned for supporting and appointing diverse talent to Board and C-Suite roles.

Please note that this webinar has a particular focus on women seeking their first NED role.

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