Iconic Events in the Restructuring world over the past 12 months - The IFT

Iconic Events in the Restructuring world over the past 12 months

“ Iconic Events in the Restructuring World over the last 12-months”:
Carillion a Year On: Ross Connock PwC
• They said the Group was too big to fail
• Were the signs there ?
• Impact of media coverage before the collapse
• When did PwC get the call…
• Involvement of other panel firms
• Government and political impact on the situation
• PwC’s strategy to soft land the contracts
• Funding the ongoing contracts
• Impact on supply chain
• Review into what went wrong in the Group
• The position today
• Lesson learnt
• Initial Q & A

“Blood Hound Land Speed Record Rescue”: Andrew Sheridan FRP
• Background
• Richard Noble’s vision
• Objective
• Funding structure
• What caused the financial failure of the project
• When did FRP get approached
• Strategy to protect the project
• How was funding interest achieved
• The importance of media coverage
• The funding solution
• The project today
• Initial Q & A

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