IFT Market Refresh: Approaches for Independents - Part 1 - The IFT

IFT Market Refresh: Approaches for Independents – Part 1

Ever wondered how some professionals always seem to get the call and secure the assignment opportunity and others less so even though they may be very similar in professional experience and qualification?

If you’d like to better understand the behaviours and factors and indeed actions you can put in place in order to become that person who gets more of the calls and access to a better quality and volume of relevant opportunity assignments, then this Webinar is a must for you.

This webinar will focus on two key components:- 1) Standing out within a competitive and changeable marketplace and 2) How to identify and procure the inner circle ties to enable effective acquisition of assignment opportunities.

The content will be provided and delivered by Simon Hudson, co-founder of Morphosis Partners; a firm specifically focused on enabling senior executives both interim and permanent to realise their professional ambitions.

The webinar will be delivered on Zoom. If you would like to attend the event, please email Riyah Davies at the IFT who will book you on to the event.

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