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This roadmap shows the critical points ahead for SMEs, so businesses can seek early intervention in the form of help from an accredited turnaround professional. This roadmap has been updated to reflect the announcements made by the Chancellor in the

MARKET REFRESH: Panel Discussion ‘After the Crash’ Date: 05.03.21

In our next Market Refresh event, we have an exciting panel discussion bringing together IFT members to talk about their experience of the 2008 crash. Our panellists will reflect upon and share their experiences of the last crash, and consider its

MARKET REFRESH: IFT Branding and ‘How to Pitch’ Date: 10.02.21

In our next Market Refresh event, Riyah Davies at the IFT will present the different forms of IFT branding and resources available to IFT Members, which can help support you and the work you do. This will be followed by a presentation with David

Market Refresh: Approaches for Independents – Part 2 Date: 05.02.21

Ever found yourself becoming distracted by LinkedIn? Do I post? What do I post? Do I really have to use the platform? Or in fact have you found yourself considering the opportunity to transfer skills only to be seemingly headed off before you even

The Institute for Turnaround

The Institute for Turnaround (IFT) is a membership organisation that brings together professionals in turnaround and transformation. Our members are accredited to the highest standards and together with our corporate partner organisations, we help to support businesses that are under-performing or at risk of failure. Our aim is to bring together those working in turnaround and transformation and to provide support to those who may need a recognised accredited professional to help in their business.