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The Importance of Trade Insurers in Turnaround Situations

 We are pleased to announce the upcoming members event taking place in the West & Wales region


Timings: Start 17:30    

Presentation & Q&A 18:00    

Networking 19:00


Speakers will include:

Mike Thomas and Julian Williams, Risk Services and Commercial Underwriting at Atradius

Q&A hosted by Simon Girling, BDO


Topics will include:

The Trade Insurance marketplace – how it works for corporates and the current state of play nationally and internationally

Decision criteria for underwriting risk

Monitoring risk by sector and entity

Working with turnaround professionals / advisers in risk situations

Case studies and outcomes – stress / distress

Leadership: How to be Sure you’re Covering all Bases

Our upcoming West & Wales region CPD event will feature Caroline Gourlay, Independent Business psychologist discussing leadership.

About this Event

Preceding every turnaround situation is a failure of leadership; there is something the incumbent leadership team failed to do or did badly. Turnaround professionals need to quickly assess where they should focus their effort and attention to get things back on track. In this interactive session, Caroline will present a practical model which explores the tasks of leadership and look at what happens when too much emphasis is placed on some tasks at the expense of others. This will provide a framework for considering how to lead a particular turnaround situation, how to play to your own personal strengths and where you might need to bring in others to support you.

For those who attended the national conference, this will be an opportunity to take a deeper dive into the model Caroline will be presenting when she chairs a session on leadership in turnaround.